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If you have ever dreamed of owning your own profitable business, our Shortcut To Money Secrets will enable you to get started on a shoe-string budget and acquire access to $300,000 or more in funding, no matter what your personal credit looks like.

From the Desk of Thomas Kish,
Nationally Recognized Business Credit Expert and Small Business Strategist.

Let's face it, the only way to succeed in business today is by having access to more business credit and capital. And in our current banking environment you can NOT just go out and get business credit on your own without expert guidance.

So I invite you to begin a long-term relationship with our CashflowExperts company. We can show you exactly how to do everything from registering a business name in any state, exactly where to get large amounts of funding for any business activity at the lowest possible rates and how to run your business more profitably while paying the minimum in personal and business taxes.

The only way you can really get the most out of life is by owning your own successful business and you MUST have access to our CASH lines of business credit in order to reach that dream.

Imagine the thrill of being your own boss, making your own hours, and never worrying about money again!

You can create anything you can dream of with these Shortcut To Money Secrets and our Business Credit.

You could take exotic vacations and travel all over the world. You could own your dream home, have fancy cars, and beautiful clothes. You'd have lots of leisure time with your family and ensure the best education for your kids. And - best of all - you'd have money in the bank so you'd never have to worry again.

There truly is no limit to the enjoyment you can get out of life by learning how to become one of the many successful new small business owners who are getting started everyday.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, new business registrations are at an all-time high. So there has never been a better time to start a business than now because of all the new opportunities that arise during shifting economies.

But in today's economic and banking environment, you can't just go out and get business credit on your own. Banks have merged, credit rules have changed, and most people don't know where to turn for help in getting funding for a new business or investment.

And it takes more than just access to business credit
to become successful in business.

You need to know how to solve the biggest challenges that business owners face, namely:

  • How to get business credit that never reports a balance on your personal credit.
  • How to structure your business to give yourself the greatest tax savings.
  • Where to get business lines of credit at the lowest rates.
  • How to use legal ways to transfer personal debt over to your business.
  • How to use the Internet to triple your profits in any business.
  • What kind of insurance you'll need as a self-employed person.
  • How to season your money so that it continues to grow.

With our years of experience teaching business owners, and our insider connections to many lending sources, we can turn your dreams into reality by teaching you how to get cash for your business.

Grab Your Copy of My Shortcut to Money Secrets

I'm Thomas Kish, the founder and president of CashFlowExperts. Today, I'm a national expert in the field of business credit and I have been invited to speak at hundreds of business expos, real estate investor groups, and stock investing seminars. I have been interviewed on national radio shows and I have shared the stage with many other bestselling authors and experts in business development and investing.

In 2003, I helped launch CashFlowExperts with a team of dedicated educators and fellow business owners to teach tested and proven methods of obtaining business credit. We guide our clients through the process of registering a business name, separating themselves personally from their business, and building the proper business image that will qualify them for the maximum amount of business credit that will never report a balance on their personal credit while they are using it.

Over the last 7 years, I've written dozens of business
courses, hundreds of investing reports, and thousands
of articles that have helped small business owners acquire and profitably use business credit.

But when I started my first business many years ago, I struggled through a lot of trial and error in my attempts to become profitable. I didn't know what it really took to run a business successfully or how to get business lines of credit. In fact, my first business almost failed because I didn't understand how to properly use business credit.

Thankfully, I found a mentor when I needed one the most. My mentor taught me some of the most powerful shortcuts to acquiring money and profits that I used to transform a struggling small business into a system that to date is responsible for creating 25 profitable businesses.

I attribute much of my success today to the help and coaching I received years ago, which is why I want to help other people learn to use the business building techniques I have perfected.

These shortcuts to acquiring money changed my life and now I feel privileged to be able to help others quickly learn the shortcuts to getting business credit and using them to build the businesses they have always dreamed of.

We created this NEW Shortcut To Money Secrets
to help everyone who has the desire to start,
fund, and profitably run any business.

This program contains the latest information and is laid out in an easy-to-follow system. No matter where you are currently at in your business development, we will help you quickly get to the next step in creating the most profitable business possible.

Shortcut To Money Secrets can quickly show you:

  • How to start a business in any state.
  • Three guaranteed ways to save on your taxes.
  • How to get business credit without using a Dunn and Bradstreet file.
  • Where to easily acquire $200,000 to $300,000 in business credit.
  • What the differences are between trade line credit and cash credit.
  • Five simple online advertising methods that will result in more profits.

And this is just the beginning.
There's much, much more we can help you with!

The Shortcut To Money Secrets program consists of our entire business credit building library. This includes our national lenders' contact list, which gives you all the contact information for our funding sources, and a ton of valuable bonus items that have never before been offered anywhere else.

Our Lenders List will provide you with over 12 business credit lenders' names, contact phone numbers, and websites of the proven funding sources that we recommend you use and that have money to lend, even in today's tough economy.

We have access to the best business credit lending programs at the lowest rates in the market. You can't beat our rates because we shop around to find the best possible deals.

Over 130 pages of the printed workbook walks you through each step of the business-building process from start-up to profitability. You will learn about the many differences in business structures and profitable partnership secrets. You will also learn how to quickly build the kind of business image that will have lenders pleading for you to take their money and give you business credit.

Try It All Out Risk-Free

The quick-start CD teaches you how to immediately take action and apply the information in the Shortcut To Money Secrets program. Just by listening to this fast-paced audio program, you will know how to use your course material to get access to all the business credit you need.

CD 2 and 3 can be used when you are on the go to master all the steps in the Shortcut To Money Secrets program. This audio course will teach you how to register a business name in any state, how to separate your personal credit from your business credit, how to permanently transfer debt out of your personal name and into your business, and how to form the most profitable team possible.

Remember, we have access to the best business credit lending programs at the lowest rates in the market.

The audio version of our Lenders List found on this 4th CD will list all the different funding programs available. You will immediately learn which program is best suited to your business funding needs.

The business application instructional DVD will let you watch a demonstration of the business credit application process. This video training was filmed in an expensive live seminar setting, and we will walk you through each step of the business credit application process.

The Small Business Check List is an easy-to-use cheat sheet that leads you through all 10 of the most important tasks needed to start and run your business. By following this check list, you will never overlook any of the critical steps required to run a profitable business.

The Small Business Check List DVD will show you how to register your business name, get a business checking account, and transfer debt out of your name and into your business. It will also determine your insurance needs, plan proper book-keeping methods, use the best online advertising methods, and calculate your business credit use.

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And that's not all – there's still much more.

The Shortcut To Money Secrets program is manufactured from the highest quality materials and is assembled right here in the USA. This valuable program will last for years to come as a permanent addition to your business library.

And everyone who orders this Shortcut To Money Secrets
program will also get a special additional FREE bonus.

If you hurry, you will also receive an additional bonus package of the Tax Saving Secrets of a establishing a Private Nevada Corporation with your order.


CashFlowExperts is committed to helping you succeed in business. We will do everything that is reasonably in our power to help you get access to the money your business requires.

Our methods of building the proper business image and getting business funding are guaranteed to succeed as long as you carefully follow our instructions to completion.

We have fashioned the most complete and easy-to-follow business credit-building system that will allow anyone to start a business and get funding. Our automated support system is available 24/7 and our extensive team of staff works hard during business hours to answer any of your questions and get you the help you need.

Enroll Now, You Have Nothing to Lose

Watch this Video for the answers to the most
common questions people have about business
credit and the Shortcut To Money Secrets program.


You should grab a copy of our Shortcut To Money Secrets program because it will be taken off the market when we sell out very soon. This may be your only chance to get the money you need for your business with my help.

Nothing is going to change in your life or in your business unless you take ACTION right now!

Remember that this program has everything you will need to start a business, fund a business and run a business more profitably.

The course includes ALL of this:

  • The listings of the actual lenders that have money for your business.
  • Information on alternative lending sources, like hard money lending and cheap peer-to-peer lenders.
  • Complete and easy to follow instructions on how to get the money.
  • Audio CD's and DVD's that will quickly answer all your questions and guide you.
  • Check lists and cheat sheets that immediately show you what needs to be done in your business.
  • Detailed advertising and marketing tips that can be used online to boost profits.
  • Plus you get valuable bonus material to keep even if you don't like the course.

And much more, because we will build a life-long relationship with you to continually help you in your business!

I am sure that you are going to learn more than $10,000 in profitable new business techniques in this program. So take it for a virtually risk-free test drive and let me show you how easy it is to get all the business credit you need to succeed in any business or any type of investment.

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It has been said that the only thing that separates winners from losers is the ability to look at a good opportunity and make a decisive move. If you have made it this far, then you are definitely the kind of person who knows what you want and takes action! So go ahead and get started on your road to acquiring all the business credit you want – and use it to build a profitable business so that you can enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.


Thomas Kish
Founder of CashFlowExperts

P.S. Remember that this Shortcut to Money Secrets program gives you everything you need to get the business credit you want, including the detailed list of national lenders that have the money. With this program, you will be able to get funding for your business immediately.

P.P.S. This discount offer that you see is not going to last forever. It could be gone at any time. Don't put it off until later. Lock in your access to the money your business needs RIGHT NOW!

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That being said, people that implement all the steps as instructed in this system and that properly apply at the lenders listed in this program can and do get great results and lots of business credit as quoted directly from their individual success stories.

Results always vary based on the amount of time dedicated to the methods, the individual's abilities, and the fulfillment of the minimum business qualifications required for business credit approval.

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